#FuckSocietyEatToast. Or, I Have Six Days Off From Work and Will Celebrate Accordingly.

3 Jul

Today is an awesome day, because I already knew I had Thursday and Friday off, but then found out last night that I also have TODAY off. As you all know, there is no better feeling than an unexpected vacation day. And I plan to celebrate accordingly. Hashtag credit to my former roomie Noah. He should consider a career as a professional hashtag parody writer, because it’s almost certainly the only thing he’s good at.

Anyhow, back to my day of unexpected freedom! I am celebrating by updating my blog, for the benefit of myself and my future self who needs to remember everything that happens this summer for a paper I have to write for my fellowship. Following that, my boyfriend and I will pack all day, go to bed early, and get up at the crack of dawn to take a bus back to the place from which I came—Rockport, Massachusetts—to celebrate the Fourth of July. He’s a good sport to travel four hours for a smalltown parade, illegal fireworks, and my vast extended family. In a word, partayyyy. I’m living on the edge.

So, here’s a brief rundown on my vida muy muy loca, followed by lots of photos to make the words more appetizing.

I’ve been working for independent stylist and general badass Lori Goldstein for about a month now, but mostly with her equally baller staff of five people and one other intern. I’ve been on a couple of shoots, got some free John Galliano and Versace shoes from a closet clean-out, purchased the necessary supply of fiji water and goats’ milk yogurt, and had puppy adventures with her adorable mini pinscher Louise. Us interns also spend a lot of time creating promos and talking points for her line for QVC (a major project for the studio) and helping with stuff that needs to happen for her upcoming book. So far, so good, but so exhausting. As soon as work is done, I’m back to my apartment in Harlem, and lights are out by eleven. Zzzzzz. And I work five days a week, from 9:30 to 6 or 7, so I am definitely ready for a little break.

The weekends have generally been awesome, but super busy. My boyfriend comes up from his research job back in Poughkeepsie on the weekends to partake in the A/C and free food that his parents provide, and a lot of my college pals are in the city this summer. As a result, we’ve all been going to a lot of free concerts, eating dumplings, going to the beach, and generally partying it up. Having packed weekends is a superb amount of fun, but I’m looking forward to snoozing my way through my four hour boltbus ride tomorrow.


The view of the lower east side of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Now, in no particular order, here is a photo diary of things that I have been doing!


Geez Louise looking adorably disappointed that I don’t have any biscuits for her.

Bein’ fancy and wearing an Hermes hat that I unearthed at work.

A grainy, instagram-lookin’ shot of the Statue of Liberty in the harbor.


A particularly colorful float of glamazons at Pride.


And again, except this time they’re twerking. What you can’t see is the baby that a mom had propped up on the railing to watch, because your development as an infant isn’t complete if you haven’t been emotionally scarred by watching two drag queens grind their asses together.


Our porn-boobed hat model Olivia, showing her pride with rainbow pasties for her non-existent nips.


The almost-complete Freedom Tower, just chilling in lower Manhattan. This is the view from Luke’s room.


The view from the Highline.


This is a pond in Riverside Park that contained turtles, ducks, and koi fish. It totally blew Luke’s mind because he doesn’t know how to mentally process nature.


My darling friend Brie, once and future roommate, when we went to see the Zombies play in Central Park.


Also Brie but mostly Brian, who will one day be the coveted “Jewish doctor husband” to some lucky guy.


This is Zoey, who might not like this picture because I don’t think she knew I was taking it.


This is just an angry-looking selfie I took to round out the concert photos of all of us. Wisely, Luke chose to abstain from having me capture his portrait at this particular time.


The Zombies on Summerstage.


The first selfie with the new hair. I look weirdly coy. Probably because I know that I’m terrible at selfies.


An artsy photo I took of the fire escape from my apartment. The product of a short-lived fling with Instagram.


Hipster graffiti on the roof of Brie’s apartment in Park Slope. It says “Crooklyn.”


Brie again. Also pictured, the rooftops strung with lights stretching into the Brooklyn distance behind her.


Luke, looking like an indie boy, still on that hella grungy rooftop. His hands are weirdly blurry, probably this is why he doesn’t let me post many pictures of him that I take.



19 Jun

Here’s a link to me doing a weird pseudo-Vine on Tumblr about my new hair. I couldn’t upload it directly here because WordPress wants my money and charges for videos or something. Innyhooo…



What the what??

18 Jun

I cut off all my hair!! Or, more accurately, a bumble and bumble stylist cut off all my hair while fifty people watched. Kinkayyy.

Now I’m on Tumblr and Other News!

27 May

Hey y’all! I am now on Tumblr, and soon to be on Twitter. I guess theoretically, I’ve already been on Twitter for a while, but now I’m actually going to commence with the tweeting. You can find/follow my Tumblr here and my Twitter here.

In the meantime, let me catch you all up a little bit on what’s been going on with me. As you know, I was working at Racked NY this spring, which I loved. I’ll continue with that a little bit this summer, because I’ll be doing a little bit of freelance sample sale reporting for them. The rest of my summer will be dedicated to an internship with Lori Goldstein, who is a freelance stylist, and the recently appointed style editor-at-large for Elle Magazine. You can check out her incredibly beautiful website and portfolio here, should you be interested. Since she’s freelance, it’s a small staff and the studio will only have a handful of interns. I’m really looking forward to this as an opportunity to see all of the projects that they work on up close. This kind of active presence on the staff is what I had at Racked, and I definitely prefer it to the larger and more anonymous scale of working at Vogue. I’ll be updating about that here all summer, both because I want to document the experience and share it with anyone that reads this, and because I need to keep a record of my doings for the fellowship that is financing my summer. A program at my college (Vassar College) is covering my rent and cost of living for the summer, which is AMAZING. And one of their stipulations is that I keep a blog or journal to record my experiences to demonstrate that I’ve been using my time wisely. So, if my language seems less salty, that is probably why.

So, that’s all my “professional” news. What else has been happening in my life since I last posted? Well, I moved into a new living situation with some new friends, I went to Montreal and London, I became the department intern in my academic department at school, I got my wisdom teeth out three days ago, and a whole bunch of other stuff happened too. For the quick, visual version, see below:

What Are You Talking About? I Post All the Time!

10 Apr

I haven’t been around here much lately, because things always get a lot crazier than I think they will. A major part of this craziness is that I am currently devoting a lot of my blogging energies elsewhere these days, namely to Racked NY where I work two days a week. In honor of that, and as an apology for not having any exciting new stories happening here, I pulled all the posts that I’ve written for Racked for you all to check out!

In other news, this summer I will be interning with Lori Goldstein (Fashion Editor-at-Large for Elle) and I will be living in fancy-schmancy apartment on the Upper West Side. Hopefully, this will give me some fabulous fodder for future blogging! Anyhow, without further ado, Becca x Racked NY. Click the image to see the link.

April 10, 2013 Dresses Start at $50 at the Badgley Mischka Sample Sale

Badgley Mischka

April 4, 2013 Breaking: Saint Laurent Is Opening on Greene Street


March 28, 2013 The Halston Heritage Flagship Is Open on Madison Avenue


March 26, 2013 At the Nicole Miller Sample, Prices Are Really, Really Good

Nicole Miller

March 8, 2013 UWS Guys: Where Will You Shop For Menswear Without Barneys?


March 5, 2013 Williamsburg Reacts to News of an Impending Urban Outfitters


March 1, 2013 Alexander McQueen’s Madison Avenue Store Will Be a While

Alexander McQueen

February 21, 2013 The Discounts Are Still Skimpy at the Barneys Warehouse Sale


February 14, 2013 As Expected, the Barneys Menswear Tops the Women’s


February 12, 2013 There’s Plenty of Prabal Gurung x Target Left in Jersey City

prabal target

February 7, 2013 Prep For This Weekend’s Snow at the Fjällräven Sale in Soho

2013-02-07 14.11.37

February 7, 2013 At WGCACA, Get Sexy Like It’s 1955 with Vintage Lingerie


Photo Credit: I took almost all of these photos, but I pulled them from the Racked NY website

Holy Freaking Prabal

10 Feb

I know that it is almost unheard of for me to post twice in one day; I am a notoriously lazy human being. However, as I’ve mentioned, I’m interning at Racked NY these days, so maybe I’m starting to polish my blog writing skills a little bit. Also, this is fashion week, so its a special occasion. Like most of you fashion nerds, I’ve spent the week watching interviews, poring over Fashionista, and—most importantly—scouring the slideshows for each collection at style.com. I”ve also been getting a little bit of the buzz from my bosses at Racked, who are going to a serious ton of fancy parties. (By all accounts, the Prabal x Target launch was amazing, and foodtrucks beat all other forms of catering.)

What I’m getting at here is that I am starting to form opinions. Of course, not that many of the big names have shown their collections yet, but a choice few have. Alexander Wang looks great, though not too boundary-pushing. Frankly, I’m sure he has other things on his mind, what with his Balenciaga debut right around the corner. That being said, he has certainly added a few interesting details to his repertoire, and has boosted his fur quotient by a not-insignificant margin. I’ll tell you this from personal experience; fashion interns the world over are going to spend the whole summer carrying fur mittens from point A to point B. I have a feeling that these mittens (which popped up all over the place by the way) are going to be this year’s giant furry hat, in the style of Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton for F/W 2012.


Moving on, I am going to make a controversial statement. I hate Jason Wu’s collection. It pains me to say this, because everyone else in the blogosphere seems to love it. I also happen to adore his F/W 2012 collection; there is little that I wouldn’t do for a pair of those dragon-bedecked mary-janes from last year. But this collection was so fucking incoherent. To me, it didn’t feel like there was a true theme tying everything together, it was just kind of a mishmash. Here we have feathers, here we have pleats, now it’s leather, now it’s python! It’s not that there weren’t plenty of beautiful pieces, but they didn’t flow together the way a great collection should. I think he was maybe trying too many things at once. All of these pieces have stylistic merit, but they don’t have anything to do with each other.wu 1wu 5wu3That being said, I am a superfan of those sheer trompe l’oeil sweaters. Risky to wear, sure, but so diaphanous and gorgeous.
WU sweater

But now, let’s get to the crux of the issue. From my title, you may have guessed that it’s Prabal Gurung, the man of the hour. Not only did his collection for Target open today to much acclaim and polite shoving, but his F/W collection is definitely my favorite so far. Military has been done a million times, which is why it is so remarkable that Prabal created a runway that a) looked so fresh and chic and b) didn’t fall into the been-there-done-that pitfall of aping Proenza’s uber-slouchy F/W 2012 look, which would have been any easy place to go with military. Instead, he gave us this amazing medley that blended utilitarian with baroque with New Look fit-and-flare with BDSM chic. It’s mind blowing and it shouldn’t work, but it totally does. It’s hard to pinpoint why this collection is cohesive and Wu’s isn’t; I think it has something to do with the consistency of the materials used and the silhouettes created.
prabal gownThis was the penultimate look in the collection, one of two closing gowns. I think this is so lovely. The color returns us to the military theme, but the luxe appearance of the silk ensures that the look is never drab. I also love the deliberate placement of the cut-outs and of the shoulder strap to subtly show just the right amount of skin. It creates this beautiful illusion, as if a naked girl was simply wrapped up in a ribbon. It’s a very effortless look, and made even more understated by the olive tone.

prabal canadian tuxedoThis I find confusing and excellent. Its like a Canadian tuxedo, but made chic—an achievement heretofore considered oxymoronic. I like the denim, I like the florals, and I like the peplum. I love the weird leather harness around her shoulders. None of it should work together, but somehow the effect is shepherdess-meets-bond-girl cool. This is what Heidi would wear if she got tapped to join the Charlie’s Angels. prabal-gurung-rtw-fw2013-runway-brocadefitandflaresuitAnd this. This is just my favorite thing in the whole collection. This is like a Chanel suit from the early sixties, made appropriate for 21st century New York City. (Though, if you own a Chanel suit, there is probably no inappropriate time to wear it.) Everything about this works, from the leather edging on the skirt to the amazing tribal brocade on the jacket to the lady-like addition of the gloves. So blissfully perfect.

It’s a Spring Thing

10 Feb

Maybe a week ago, it was so fucking cold out that I thought I was going to freeze just walking across campus. Now it’s a snowpocalypse out there, but somehow I’m starting to feel slightly more prepared for Spring Fashion Week. And that is definitely cause for celebration!

I also feel like this is a good moment to share with all of y’all the pretty things that I have been collecting, magpie style, in preparation for the upcoming season.

20130131-150804.jpgI got these Chinese Laundry pumps at Macy’s on super-sale. I think they cost $14? It was amazing. And kind of perfect, because I decided to take inspiration from my favorite nail color and make my go-to neutral for the spring a sort of lacquered khaki. (I also like the term griege, which is a portmanteau of grey and beige, but I feel like a dork when I use it.) Plus, I needed a good pair of all-purpose mary janes. PLUS Vogue is apparently all about the single sole right now, but I’m not sure I’m really behind that. Anyhow, shoes!

20130131-150819.jpgThis was my big winter break crafty project. I took a drafting & draping class last semester in the Costume Shop at school, and finally acquired some much needed basic sewing skills. I was so excited to finally use my dressmaker’s mannequin and my mom’s ancient sewing machine that I started working on this almost as soon as I got home. Its a very basic pleated skirt, but I’m just jazzed that I made something wearable and springy.

20130131-150831.jpgOn a more beauty-related note, I’m finally jumping on the bb cream train. Just in time for cc creams. Honestly, though, I think I can only absorb so many skin trends at once, and I’m still getting use to integrating this into my morning routine. In the end, I just replaced my foundation with this Smashbox bb, which I deliberately chose because it gives great coverage in addition to its other benefits. I’ll admit that it did hurt my stingy little soul to buy this, it better last a damn long time.


20130131-150948.jpgI’m also a big fan of a strong neon lip for spring. I like going for an electric pop of color, since I don’t tend to do particularly dramatic makeup, aside from my cat-eye liner. This spring, I think I’m going to try this vibrant purple-pink from Maybelline’s new Color Sensational Vivids line. It really delivers in terms of visual impact, which is not always true with drugstore lip color.

20130131-150854.jpg20130131-150957.jpgOf course, my newfound love for this pink-purple doesn’t mean that I’ll abandon my favorite mainstay, a nice bright orange. I picked up with product from Lush in England over the summer, which had an amazing range of multi-purpose cosmetic colors intended for use as blush, lip color, or eyeshadow. I picked Strong, which gives you the best orange lip. I’m excited to bring it into rotation again for Spring 2013.

20130131-150914.jpgSpeaking of griege, here is a new variation on my favorite neutral. They stopped making yogaga, it was just for a limited run. Fortunately, they’re still making a color that is very similar, so it’s not really a problem for me. It’s best, most classy nail color I’ve ever had, aside from a dark forest green, which doesn’t really work for spring.

20130131-150940.jpgI think I have decided that this is my perfect, quintessential spring dress. It has all these vibrant, chipper colors that make me happy and giddy. And I like the floatiness of it, and the way it hangs loose and straight down, which seems right for the season. I got it at a J. Crew outlet for sixty bucks, which is above my normal price point, but my mom bought it for me… Also, its J. Crew, that shit is normally way more expensive than sixty dollars.

20130131-151007.jpgMy sister gave me these Hansel from Basel socks for Christmas, along with another pair that are less seasonal. I got really into Hansel from Basel over the summer; its this indie hosiery company based out of LA that does really weird, quirky designs for socks and tights. These little anklets are super cute, they’re sheer with green embroidery, and I’m looking forward  to wearing them with my orange floral mary janes come warmer weather.

20130131-151026.jpgHere’s one of them obligatory mirror shots ala MySpace. I’m pretty sure I’ve already blogged about everything in the picture except for the kelly green skirt I’m wearing. I bought it last week for ten bucks (SCORE) because it was ugly as sin. However, that was really just a length problem, not a fit problem. So I whipped out my sewing machine and altered it into a faux-sixties mini.

20130131-151221.jpgThis is possibly the dumbest photo I’ve ever taken, but I love it so much. I’m doing my best duck face for the camera, and I’m wrapped in this vintage sarong of my grandmother’s that she recently passed along to me. Its got this amazing floral hibiscus print thats kind of cool and color-blocked and its really bright, and I definitely need to find a way to wear it as a maxi dress come warmer days.